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Led by Founder & CEO, Ben Lou
Our people make the difference. Every person you speak to is a qualified MSTARS certified Debt Specialist. A top rated certification.

Ben Lou, CEO and founder of Debt Aid Consulting  has been in the finance industry for over 35 years and has been helping clients overcome financial difficulty specifically in the last decade.  He is well known in the Filipino community who has published several articles and has been a guest on several TV shows, giving financial advise for various situations. Aside from helping clients in dire need of getting out of severe debt, he also guides clients on how to get a handle their finances so they do not fall back in the same situation again.

Ben, aside from developing learning tools and videos to help clients spends his very little free time learning and seeking out new and creative ways to solve problems in the financial sector. 

With over 35 years of financial experience, we assist you with easier ways out of debt.

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